Thursday, June 19, 2008

11-step Energy Plan for a Better Tomorrow

1) Ignore the enviro-bullies - they haven't been right about anything, ever
2) De-list the Polar Bears (they're just fine, I tell ya!). Restrictions regarding any other "threatened species" that are in the way of energy production are waived. (i.e., spotted owl v. oil refinery - oil refinery wins)
3) Drill - drill - drill TODAY (in the Brakkens, ANWR, offshore CA & AK, Gulf of Mexico, etc)
4) Build more oil refineries starting TODAY
5) Build many more nuclear power plants starting TODAY
6) Regulate the energy futures market to be more of a real cash market (versus being treated as a financial instrument like what's happening now)
7) Build more coal-based electricity plants TODAY
8) Lose cap-and-trade ... it's the Oil-For-Food scam all over
9) Lose corn-based ethonol. It's stupid! If we must have ethanol (which we really don't), Sugar-based ethanol can be imported from Brazil for less than it costs us to make corn-based ethanol - and it's a better fuel, too. But still not as good as gasoline.
10) Create a federally subsidized "renewable energy incentive" program to help people install solar panels and windmills at a substantially reduced price (like what CA did a few years ago). This program would be available to individulas and businesses alike. Think "chicken in every pot," except with solar panels...
11) Kyoto: not now, not ever, never

What will happen...
1) Energy futures will be removed as a speculative trading play and the price of oil will drop; also, the stability of oil will encourage investment in the broader-based markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc)
2) The removal of a corn-based ethanol market will encourage wheat and feed-corn production and the price of food will drop
3) Lots of jobs will be created - somebody has to develop, build, sell, and run these things!
4) Lots, I mean LOTS of new wealth will be created across the boards
5) The price at the pump will drop (fast, and a lot).
6) New alt. technologies will be developed and exported across the world resulting in a move away from oil
7) A global de-valuation of oil will greatly de-fund terrorist actors against the West.