Sunday, November 14, 2004

Ten Days

Well, it's been 10 days since my last blog entry.

Things are settling down now that the election is over. The lefty nutburgers are fading once again into the woodwork, although I think it will take a little while longer to punch themselves out.

I think the swan song of these guys was Lawrence O'Donnell's blurt about "a serious discussion of cessation on the next 20 years." Democrats tried that already once and it didn't quite work out. Do they want to go for 0 for 2?

Wouldn't it be great if these whiners took all that tantrum-energy and focused it on solving something - I mean really solving a national ill. One thing - just one! Now, they would have to do it all on their own (no taxes or whatnot).

With the Soros-level money men, movie stars and singers' millions, they could end poverty in the Appalachian Mountains. They could enrich the Arts programs in inner city schools. They could go a long way to improving the culture of violence and exploitation that plague young minority men in the population centers of America. They could do so many valueable things...

But they won't. They'll just rant and whine and spin tales of paranoia and conspiracy.

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