Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Comments on Recent Events...

In no particular order...

Pope John Paul II: I was honored by a blessing by His Holiness in 1980 in Chicago. A great and godly man. I wish him well.
Full disclosure: I'm a Methodist.

John Kerry on Meet the Press: What a marooon. This guy just can't make any sense at all. He is a joke, a rube, a ghost of an intelligent man.

Iraqi Election: A great and important moment in World History. My heart swells when I think on the enormity of it.

Bush Inaugural Speech: Grand. Sweeping. As large as the Montana sky. His most brilliantly delivered oratory ever. I just love this guy.

Recent Capture of our Soldier: John Adams a/k/a Lt Cody Action figure... If he loses his head, it's ok. It'll pop right back on. Is this a prank or are these guys serious? I tend to think that the website in question got hacked.

Abu Grihab Convictions: Convicted for what, exactly? I refuse to stipulate that anything close to torture occurred... cause it didn't!

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