Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why aren't we Funnier?

I am a fan of woot.com. This guy Matt, who I suspect is the boss of the operation, podcasts these little tunes for each day's item. I love them. Especially the Bluetooth bits (they are addicting!!!).

This reminds me of a question I've had for quite some time.

With a very few exceptions, liberals have it all over us in terms of the funny-factor.

I often wonder why.

Is it because on the whole, conservatives lack the vile and bitterness present in so many of the really funny writers and performers of today?

Is it because the entertainment industry is so completely rife with people who just want to be loved (a Lib core value) that conservatives - even those with promise - are 'encouraged' to develop other tradecraft?

Maybe it's because we have the drive to create and build and nuture our families and community versus the constant, gluttonous internal examination that is required for truly funny bits.

In any event, it would be nice if we could have more jibes at the libs on tv, more pokes at the Dems in the paper ... but I guess we'll have to settle for parody on radio for now. (sigh)


Fumers said...

Bush thinking Iraq would turn out well is pretty funny.

Christina said...

Go read some WWII history and then tell me Iraq isn't going well.

Fumers said...

I got up to the Siege of Stalingrad and Iraq still isn't going well. Maybe things will turn around in Iraq once I get further into the campaign of North Africa.

Christina said...

Cute! See, you're a funny guy... and you're a proud liberal, right? Thanks for making my point ;)

Phil said...

Oh I dunno sweetie PJ O'Rourke is pretty funny...