Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It's the morning after the big mid-term elections and I'm a cranky girl.

Not so much because the the Dems (shiver) won; but that the GOP lost.

The GOP needed to get scrappy. They needed to get edgy. They needed to put themselves on the line for their beliefs. They needed to call the Dems out and make a few filibusters happen. They needed to show some fire and passion.

There seems to be a culture in the GOP something like, "we are above all that yelling-type stuff" and "we are rule- and tradition-followers; we are principled."

That's great and all, but when the other guys are proverbially whaling on you with pipes and chains, for goodness sake pull out your proverbial gun. And proverbially shoot it!

That they didn't seem to do any of that makes me sad.

Terror War, Tax reform, Soc Sec, Immigration Reform, Judicial Advocacy... these are enormous issues that the Dems will get horribly, horribly wrong.

And the notion of Pelosi and Speaker and Murtha as Appropriations - (gak ... I threw up a little in my mouth)

You know, I have to interrupt myself here and yell out the the rooftops, "God help us all if the Dems betray and abandon a fledgling government AGAIN." The Vietman analogy they are so giddy to use will indeed be complete.

We lost the House. We lost the Senate. But, GOP... thank goodness you have your dignity.

I going to go sip a little coffee and pout a while.

At least Arnold won.

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