Thursday, October 21, 2004

Kerry to declare early?!

I saw this on Drudge. I swear, the wrongness here is so vast that I don't even know where to begin... bah!

This is a huge gamble for Democrats. If they step in, declare victory and name a national security staff before the dust settles, they will be seen as interlopers attempting a coup d'etat... with a pledge to defend his claim?! Are you kidding me???

This is a new low in thuggery with the American Left... even if it's, "If we don't win, were gonna sue!" or "If we don't win, we'll say we did and make the prove it!" -- they are both doomsday scenarios, from a civil standpoint.

The Left is more willing to hijack our nation instead of taking it like men in the face of defeat.

What kind of message does that send our people? Our kids? Our allies? Our enemies?

I really hope this story gets some legs, because it is another keen insight in to the very heart and character of the rulers of today's Democrat Party.

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