Saturday, October 23, 2004

Radio Kerry

Through a series of small circumstances, I happened to hear the Democrat response to the President's radio address this morning. (too bad I didn't get to hear the President -- but thanks to the wonder of technology, I'll go get it here in a minute.)

I've been meaning to post on this for a couple of days, but am only now getting to it...

So, Kerry seems to be working double-time to undo the damage his wife Theresa did by saying that Mrs. Bush never had a real job, and then in some ways making it worse by saying she forgot that Mrs. Bush was a teacher and librarian (raising kids was notably absent from the job history -- oops!).

The subject of his radio address was written to address women... talking about how he will "fight" to close the so-called "wage gap," how raising the minimun wage to $7/hr will lift women and children out of poverty, filling grocery carts is hard, blah, blah, blah...

Is this an attempt to make up for his wife's collosal gaffe? Or is this an attempt to persuade all those Security "health-care-doesn't-matter-if-you're-killed-by-a-car-bomb" Moms that he's a better candidate?

I think that the former may be more true, because in this address he didn't mention his tough-talk on Iraq. If so, do we really want a President who must actively and publically clean up his wife's mistakes?! Do we really want a naturalized (is she?) billionairess in the White House shooting off her mouth every day because she so stinkin' rich she doesn't have to give a fig what anybody thinks? Do we really want to have to create a new Federal Department of Keeping Theresa Heinz-Kerry's Foot Out of Her Mouth (or, FDOKTHKFOHM).

Oh sure, it would be funny for a few weeks, but then it will become a national embarassment. Honestly, if President(gak!) Kerry has to run around apologizing for his gouche wife, how can he effectively lead? Do we really want that?

I think not.


PS. I want my elephant back!

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