Monday, October 25, 2004

...Not if we win?!?!?

Thanks again, Drudge.

Elizabeth Edwards, courtesy of CSPAN, was caught on tape saying another evil thing. (the "Cheney family is ashamed of their daughter" was the first that broke through my radar)

This is a giant, steaming, black, tarry, lump of yuk for the Dems. Once again, shoing the true nature of the they have become.

I remain repulsed. My mom, who was so turned off by her first remark, says that I am "looking at it wrong." I said, "How else do you look at it? What would a smart lady like that be doing saying something so obviously ... well, threatning?"

Yikes! I am left shaking my head... I really wonder if this exchange will get any airtime. It should.

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