Sunday, October 17, 2004

A Sad State...

I could just spit.

Sometime between 10am this morning and 1:15pm this afternoon, someone "borrowed" (read: stole) my cast aluminum elephant statue, leaving the Bush/Cheney sign untouched.

I'm all for pranks, but this is not one. This is a theft for the purposes of a punishment of some sort. Were this a prank, the elephant would be tipped over, egged, tp'ed, turned upside down; or the sign turned upside down, taken or otherwise maligned somehow. This, however was meant to inflict a pain. Why else take the heavy, bulky, relatively expensive, rare thing versus the light, cheap, common, easily concealable thing?

All circumstance points to one of the neighbors as the culprit. How much does that suck?!

I've called around, and nobody's seen anything, including strangers (in cars or otherwise).

Perhaps it will be returned -- I don't know. Call me a poor sport, but this is super un-cool and I am pissed.

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