Friday, October 15, 2004

Something About Mary

Hugh Hewitt gave his listeners a volunteer assignment. Here's my effort...

Q. How deep a hole have John Kerry, Mary Beth Cahill and the Edwards dug for themselves? How lasting the damage?

A. The clear strategy to besmirch the Cheney family by the backhanded remarks in the Vice-Presidential debate and again in the 3rd Presidential debate is totally unconscionable. If this were Colonial America, I would see them yoked in the town square so that folk could rightly scorn and throw rotted vegetables at them for a week. But hey, I’m a Republican. I was never going to vote Democrat, anyway.

Furthermore, I don’t know enough people to predict how lasting the damage is to the Kerry/Edwards campaign and to the Democrat Party. But I can tell you how my mom, a self described loyal Democrat and “freethinker” reacted.

When Edwards seemed to go out of his way to mention Ms. Cheney, my mom said, “Well, maybe [Edwards] was trying to be nice and talk about the strength of their family by bringing it up.” Though she couldn’t stop the grimace on her face when she said it.

Then Kerry repeated it, Mrs. Cheney responded, and Mrs. Edwards pointed out the Cheney family’s “shame.”

My mom is totally disgusted. She was convinced that Edwards was the Democrat’s Golden Boy. Edwards now has lost her vote, forever. These three utterances by Edwards, Kerry, and Mrs. Edwards have forever turned my mom off to the Democrat Party. (She disregards Cahill’s remarks.)

Kerry/Edwards created such a shocking reduction of positive regard that the hole they created is, in fact, a black hole from which they may never escape.

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