Sunday, October 17, 2004

Rathergate lives on...

I was enjoying a hot, black coffee and delicious Krispy Kreme kreme-filled donut while watching Fox News Sunday this morning when an interesting thing happened.

Well, a couple of interesting things happened, but the thing in particular was a response my Bill Kristol on the matter of trusting one news source over another (or something). It's a good thing I TiVo'ed it, because at first I didn't think I heard him right.

He said something along the lines of, "Why are we expected to believe Dan Rather after what he had to say about where the documents he obtained came from? ... " Which was I think the second example of what I thought was a scathing riff of MSM's recent track record of egregiously manipulating the public's consumption of news.

Kristol superlatively illustrated in about four anecdotal examples, the problem with news organizations. What made it so damning was that he rattled off a collection of very recent examples that occured pretty much all in a row and that he said all in a row pretty much without interruption. (the opposition's best tool is interruption!) This rash of bias, I think, rises to the level of congressional inquiry. (But then, I guess it would be more fun to let the markets decide -- it just takes sooo long!)

This ongoing manipulation of The News is a giant story, and I recognize that lots of ink has been dedicated to it. But I think that a larger picture/pattern needs to be presented to the American people. And it needs to be presented in a reasoned, methodical, non-screechy way by someone fair-minded, non-partisan, and with an off-the-charts Q rating. (sorry Stossel, O'reilly, Goldberg, et al!)

Of course I'll allow for the possibillity that perhaps everything is already in motion, and I'm the one who should take a step back and look!

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